Coronium Core

The ultimate cloud sidekick for your Corona apps and games.

An all-in-one Lua application plugin/server built specifically for Corona developers.

Extend your applications into the cloud with Mongo and MySQL databases, secure file transfers and storage, dynamic web pages, and more; all customizable using a ridiculously simple Lua based api.

Use the Coronium Core client-side plugin api for most tasks without ever writing a line of code on the server. When you need to take it to the next level, create custom server-side apis with Lua for complex data driven applications.

See the documentation for complete details.

The Coronium Core plugin is available in the Corona Marketplace.

S3 Lite

Add secure file transfers to your Corona applications and games using Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service). Amazon S3 makes it simple and practical to collect, store, and analyze data — regardless of format — all at massive scale.

The S3 Lite plugin provides functionality to securely upload, download, and delete objects, as well as list buckets and bucket contents.

See the documentation for more information.

The S3 Lite plugin is available in the Corona Marketplace.

MailGun Sender

The Mailgun Sender plugin enables you to send email from your Corona applications. Mailgun allows you to send up to 10,000 free emails each month.

Note that this plugin provides only limited Mailgun API support. In particular, it does not support attachments.


See the documentation for more details.

The MailGun Sender plugin is available in the Corona Marketplace.